Aeme B.

Aeme B.

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Aeme was born and raised in Morocco, they arrived in Montreal, Quebec in 2002 when they were 17. They started drinking and using drugs during this time. At the beginning it was for fun and partying but that quickly changed - it started to be mandatory for them to fight their depression and anxiety. They spent 15 years drinking or using drugs almost every day, however Aeme was also questioning their gender identity and using as a way to self-soothe. After burning out, they stopped using and started embracing their true self as a non-binary trans person.

A 12-step program was really helpful to help them stop using both alcohol and drugs at the same time. After some time they quit drinking caffeine and became vegan to have the healthiest life possible.

By sharing their story they hope that can bring hope for those who are still fighting with their addictions.

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