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Bill mission in life is to create more moments of happiness that occur when people connect, particularly around depression and anxiety. He is a certified speaker coach. He leads storytelling workshops and events for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and the general public.

Bill got his start in IT working for NASA and ended it working 16hr days at a successful dot-com. He had a parallel odyssey through depression, addiction, social anxiety, and other islands of growth.

After becoming a high achiever in the field of self-destruction, he built a new life clean (12yr). He learned how to live well with his bipolar 2 condition. He developed a new career in technology marketing, helping a tiny startup to seven years of consecutive growth.

Bill’s TED talk on How to Connect with Depressed Friends has nearly 2 million views, and his Goalcast video on overcoming social anxiety has over 1 million. He has appeared on The Moth Radio Hour and performs an award-winning comedy show about depression and addiction in the US and Canada.

Bill created NAMI’s signature Brainpower Chronicles mental health storytelling series. He is also the resident speaker coach for The Stability Network.

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