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Jes Golding

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Jes Golding (they/them) is a 33 year old, radically queer and trans nonbinary person that is passionate about harm reduction, eliminating stigma, cultivating community and connection, fighting for equality, and encouraging others to live their most authentic life.

After a life long struggle with mental illness, IV drug abuse in their teens, multiple traumatic experiences, and a 16 year love affair with alcohol: Jes said enough was enough and quit drinking once and for all.

Never feeling like they fit in, Jes created Sober Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior on Anishinaabe land. @soberduluth began as a grassroots collective to offer support and socialization, but after a few events, garnering the attention of The Star Tribune, they went on to also become a business offering mobile events centered on safety and inclusion. They grew fast and their story was picked up by NBC, but the pandemic had other plans, and everything was postponed. Jes is enthusiastic about reviving Sober Duluth once it is safer to do so.

Jes and their partner own an inclusive barbershop and sober, queer community space known as @deepcutsduluth. Upon completion of their schooling next summer, Jes will be working there as a stylist. They have more plans for the space once the pandemic has settled.

For the last (nearly) two years, Jes has maintained total abstinence from alcohol which is what works best for them and their partner, Brandon, whom is also sober. The two of them thank the "IG sober community" for bringing them together.

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