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Jocellyn Harvey

Founder, Mindset Coach
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Jocellyn Harvey a writer, speaker, Certified Success Coach, and host of the podcast titled 'You Are Remarkable'. Her passion is sharing goal-setting strategies and mindset tips from an inclusive, compassionate, and encouraging place. Jocellyn isn't afraid to touch on sensitive topics, but she does so in a welcoming way that, when necessary, weaves in a dash of humor.

Jocellyn initially started out on her former account Sharing My Sobriety in 2016 after getting sober, and in 2019 she released the book Recovering the Home - a decluttering guide for sober women. While her current work doesn't focus exclusively on recovery, Jocellyn still partners with well-known recovery organizations for speaking events and writing opportunities to share her varied experiences in sobriety.

When she's not working on site, podcast, or collaborating in the recovery space, you can find Jocellyn walking along Lake Champlain in Vermont, laughing at a comedic podcast episode, or reading a thriller with a cup of tea.

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