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Missing Mei has been in the DJ industry since 2003. Through many genre types stemming from her roots in Hawaii at warehouse raves to experiencing world-class productions performed by the best is when her draw to dance music came to fruition. Recently, creativity has changed. Missing Mei is inwardly working on a healthy lifestyle, including sobriety; because of this shift in her life, the Creative Sober was born.

The Creative Sober is a community of open-minded sober and sober-curious creatives looking to connect with others who are navigating sobriety, health, and spiritual awareness. . The mission statement outlines that it's about people helping people and that every journey is unique, so come where you are in your recovery. She has been curating and growing an online community of sober and sober-curious creatives while highlighting their work, interviewing sober creative guests on the Creative Sober Podcast, and developing her content creation craft.

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