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February 05, 2021, 08:30 PM

Sober & Thriving with Bipolar: An Asian American Perspective

A talk by Michelle Yang
Writer & Advocate

Substance use disorder and bipolar disorder are often co-occurring, which increases stigma for both conditions. Michelle Yang, who was diagnosed with bipolar 1 at age 20, believes that the harmful effects of living in a culture that encourages self-medication can prevent those with mental health conditions from accessing the help they need.

People choose sobriety for many different reasons. Michelle will talk about how her ability and privilege to lead an alcohol- and substance-free life helped her live well, happily. Her younger self would never have believed that she, as someone with bipolar 1, could thrive in her career, her personal relationships, and as a mother, which inspired her to share her story of hope as a mental health advocate.

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