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February 05, 2021, 06:00 PM

Panel: Facing Disability Stigma: To Disclose or Not?

A talk by Bill Bernat, Dr. Victoria Burns Ph.D, RSW, Brett Stevenson and Michelle Yang
Stay Awesome & Bipolar & Sober

Disclosing your status as a disabled person, someone who is a non-drinker, or someone who holds multiple physical and mental health conditions can be, well, complicated. Stigma is very real - but it doesn't have to keep you from thriving and living your truth.

What this panel is: A discussion with sober disability and neurodiversity advocates on what it means to "come out" as a life-long process.

They'll explore questions like: - When has disclosing to other people gone well? - When has disclosing gone poorly? - Has physical and mental health stigma kept you from disclosing? - Where do you feel safest to disclose? What feels the most risky? - How do you manage boundaries around self-disclosure?

You'll leave with a better understanding of your comfort level around disclosure and some tactics to try on your own journey.

Resources from the talk are in the comments below on this page.

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