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February 06, 2021, 08:00 PM

Rock Bottom is Not a Pre-Requisite to Sobriety with Tawny Lara

A talk by Tawny Lara

In this session, Tawny shares her personal journey toward sobriety: from life as a bartending party girl who spent her nights off on the other side of the bar in Waco, Texas to now being a professional writer and podcaster in New York City with 5 years of sobriety. The point she wants to stress is that Rock Bottom is Not a Pre-Requisite to Sobriety. She didn't wait until she lost everything before she stopped drinking (even though film and TV tell us that's how it's done!). She woke up one day, at age 29, and realized that the party girl lifestyle wasn't cute anymore; perhaps it never was. Her sobriety began as a year-long social experiment that essentially became the foundation for her career as a writer. Tawny's goal in this session is for you to realize that you can decide to change your life at any timeā€”no rock bottom required.

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